How much does target training cost?
The cost depends on the number employees as well as the topic(s). Please contact us to recieve a quote.
Do you provide individual help?
We would be happy to sit down with specific individuals following the class. We encourage students that need additional help to consider attending the Money Academy.
What supplies do I need to provide my employees?
We will let you know what supplies are needed based on your specific request.
Do you provide a non-biblical target training?
We do. We recognize the sensitivities around bringing a religious organization to speak to your employees. That said, we offer a secular class that utilizes the same financial principles of our biblical offerings, without directly quoting scripture.
Do you have a Spanish speaking Target Training?
Unfortunately we do not offer bi-lingual services at this time. However, if you have an individual that would be willing to translate, we would be happy to work with them to bring the most value to your employees.