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Open Imagination

Money Academy

Take control of your finances with this six week course!

  • Create a Budget
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Build your Savings
  • Learn how to Communicate with your spouse about money.
  • Establish good financial Habits
  • Learn about true Generosity
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Open Imagination

Living Debt Free Workshop

Improve your finances by learning how to establish a budget and how to begin eliminating debt in this six hour course.

  • Start a Budget
  • Start eliminating Debt
  • Begin establishing good financial Habits
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Target Training

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed financially.

  • Topic Specific
  • Financial Literacy
  • Help your employees live more fullfilling lives.
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Dessert Night

After completing the Money Academy, you are welcome to attend Dessert Night. This night is designed to answer your specific questions and hold you accountable to your goals.

  • Personal Help
  • Helpful Tips
  • Ongoing Accountability
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Youth Financial Classes

Teaching children from ages 10-18 the fundamentals of personal finance.

  • What is Money
  • What is Debt
  • The importance of Savings
  • Generosity
  • Creating a Budget
  • Insurance and Investments
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