Is the class really free?!
It absolutely is! Thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses the Money Academy is completely FREE! If you found the course helpful we encourage you to consider giving to True North in order for us to help others.
What happens if I can't attend all six weeks?
Although we strongly encourage you attend all six classes, we understand life happens. If you miss a class please watch that week's video and complete the assignments.
Do you provide individual help?
Our gracious volunteers are available to help you with your specific situation while taking the class. If you have questions or need additional help after completing the class, please contact us and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your specific situation.
What is the difference between the Money Academy and the Living Debt Free Workshop?
The Living Debt Free Workshop is a one day, six hour seminar that only scratches the surface. Some people choose to use the Living Debt Free Workshop as an introduction to the Money Academy, although this is not a requirement. Similar topics are covered in both classes, however the Money Academy is much more comprehensive.
What do I need to bring to the class?
A will and desire to learn. You may also want to bring a pen or pencil and notebook to take notes. The course will tell you exactly what supplies you need and when.
Is this class a bible study?
We believe the Bible is the word of God. With over 2,000 verses related to money we simply use it's financial wisdom as the foundation of our teaching. Regardless of your religion you will find the course to be helpful.
Can my church or organization host a Money Academy?
Absolutely! Contact us and we will discuss next steps.